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Electrum is a fast-paced technology company working with some of the country’s biggest institutions. Our software leverages powerful technology to make transacting cheaper, to achieve our goal of higher financial inclusion.

Career Opportunities

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We're growing quickly so recommend that you check back often to see what opportunities there are in our Cape Town offices.


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Life at Electrum

Benefits at Electrum

Your own personal hardware

Every new starter gets a MacBook Pro and a killer workstation setup.

Payments certification

World-class training from industry experts together with opportunities to get certified in payments.

Career growth opportunities

Employee training and development, career aligned bursaries.

Company getaways

Annual company getaways that include partners and kids.

Team strategy getaways

Set team goals for the quarter in a local destination of their choice.

Generous leave policy

20 days annual leave. Leave taken between 15 Dec – 1 Jan counts as half days.

Inhouse gaming

Table-tennis, arcade games, video games and virtual reality.

Shower and towel service

Cycle or run into the office and make use of company showers with freshly laundered towels.

Catered lunch and a fully stocked kitchen

Free cooked lunch every day. Free snacks and drinks available in our fully stocked kitchen.

Café-quality coffee

Our cafe sized coffee machine and quality beans make the greatest espressos.

Friday socials

Beer keg, ciders, wine, craft beer available every Friday.

Inhouse gym

Make use of our fully kitted out inhouse gym.

Let's Connect

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