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2023: Electrum by Numbers

December 1, 2023

Electrum Payments

We are fast running towards the end of another year! Here's a look at Electrum's numbers in 2023.

We are fast running towards the end of another year!

With 36 new hires, it should come as no surprise that we needed to build 4 extra meeting rooms. And, with the help of 235 kg of coffee beans, the team spent 23,899 hours on development! Undoubtedly, highlights for the year include celebrating the 4.5 billion transactions processed while adding new integrations, and releasing new product features. There is no way that we could reach this finish line without our partners and customers, and we want to thank everyone who has played a part in making this year one to remember.

We are looking forward to passing on the baton to 2024.

Electrum Payments

Electrum provides transaction processing solutions to banks, retailers, and MNOs, helping them to find better ways to transact. As a vibrant and innovative SaaS company, we deliver industry-leading expertise and technology to solve real problems every day.

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