Cash Vouchers

Expand your deposit and withdrawal footprint

Electrum Payments makes it easy for banks to add on-us cash deposits and withdrawals to your customer offering, allowing you to grow your footprint beyond branches and ATMs.

Integrate with retailer POS systems to make use of cash vouchers and mobile apps, as well as add cardless withdrawals to your portfolio. Electrum’s solution incorporates a fully-featured voucher management and storage overlay which supports various use cases, including person-to-person money transfer.


Elevate your customer experience

Extend your footprint

Extend your footprint beyond branches and ATMs.

Rapid time to market

Realise rapid time to market by integrating existing systems or using our turnkey voucher management solution.

Cash-in and cash-out

Improve customer engagement and account liquidity with convenient cash-in and cash-out capabilities.

Proven Track Record

Onboarded over 1 million users in less than 6 months for a leading South African bank


A service your customers can trust

Pin secured

PIN-secured voucher-based deposits and withdrawals.

Completely mobile

Cardless deposits & withdrawals via mobile apps and/or mobile phone OTPs.

Voucher management

Fully-featured voucher management including self-service customer support and voucher status audit trails.

Flexible redeeming

Support for full and partial redemptions on cash vouchers.

Future Proofing

Keep up with the latest payment trends

Built with the agility to support new and emerging transaction types, specifically when it comes to handling high-volume, low-value transactions. Don't let your legacy system hold you back!

Banking integrations

Retailer integrations

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