Product Update | January 2024

Business Partner Payments

Inbound RPP is now ready for bank business partners

Electrum's Business Partner Payments (BPP) solution allows bank participants to process inbound RPP transactions for their business partners.

The following services and features are ready for implementation

Rapid Payments Programme:

Business partner participation in inbound pay-by-proxy

Modern self-service developer integration experience

Testing Platform for self-service business partner testing

Bi-directional reconciliation with each business partner

Get To Market Fast

A robust integration layer for adding business partners

Your business partners can integrate easily and safely into your system for processing RPP transactions. The BPP solution provides a robust integration layer that enables more business partners to be added. Additional channels and features can be added iteratively for your business partners to access - without impacting your core banking components.

Inbound pay-by-proxy based on a business partner domain

Synchronous processing of proxy resolution with business partner’s customer accounts system

Real-time payment outcome notifications for business partners


Streamlined implementation

Implementation of the service is made as simple as possible for each business partner. Our dedicated BPP Developer Portal is open to your business partners' design, development, and testing teams, and provides a comprehensive set of OpenAPI specifications and supporting collateral. A well-designed, step-by-step onboarding process managed by a dedicated Electrum onboarding team takes your business partners through their implementation and conformance testing journey with no burden on you as the sponsor bank.

Back Office Tools

Simple reconciliation, monitoring, and troubleshooting

Electrum’s Back Office performs bi-directional transaction reconciliation of all RPP payments with each of your business partners separately. Remove the burden from your own reconciliation systems and reconcile and report separately with each partner.

Operators can use the Electrum console to:

Monitor reconciliation results

Manage exceptions (protected by a four-eyes-approval process as well as full audit logging)

View and download reconciliation reports

View and troubleshoot all your business partners' RPP transactions

Coming Soon

The next release of Electrum’s Business Partner Payments solution for banks

EFT processing (debits and credits), including Check Digit Verification (CDV)

Support for proxy management (enlisting and delisting of proxies with BankservAfrica) by business partners

Support for business partner participation in payment authorisation of inbound payments

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