Rapid Payments Programme

Provide simple, cost-effective instant payments

The Rapid Payments Programme (RPP) is an initiative by BankservAfrica that requires all South African banks to build simpler, more cost-effective real-time payment functionality into their product offering to accommodate high-volume, low-value transactions.

Instant payments

Transfer money from accounts at different banks instantly, at little to no cost, to make digital transactions more accessible and reduce reliance on cash.

Pay by proxy for simpler payments

Reduce complexity in initiating payments by only requiring a simple proxy – like a recipient’s phone number – to pay.

Request-to-pay for faster payments

Help payees initiate payments from payers faster through an easy-to-use payment request service.

Adapt to Change

Take your PayShap solution to the next level


BankservAfrica partnership

Electrum has partnered with BankservAfrica to build the RPP Testing Platform with which all BankservAfrica participants are able to test their RPP implementations before going to market.


Work with a trusted industry leader

As a trusted industry partner, Electrum will help you to accelerate the adoption of the new BankservAfrica RPP scheme. With a single, simplified integration into various payment solutions, banks can easily adopt new services to cater to customers’ demands through a variety of use cases.

You can also benefit from Electrum’s overlay services that include fraud and risk management services, pre-built integrations into core banking systems, interoperable QR payments, BackOffice tooling, and customer support interfaces.


Make consumer-driven payments a reality

Adapt to industry changes

Meet consumer demands for fast, innovative payment solutions and become an industry leader in the emerging ecosystem.

Fast time to market

Realise rapid time to value with seamless integrations that allow safe adoption of existing systems.

Scalable, agile solutions

Become an industry leader with ready-to-use, reliable infrastructure built for low-value, high-volume transactions.

Future Proofing

Keep up with the latest payment trends

Built with the agility to support new and emerging transaction types, specifically when it comes to handling high-volume, low-value transactions. Don't let your legacy system hold you back!

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