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Electrum’s interoperable QR Code Payments solution will give consumers the convenient, contactless payment journey they are expecting. Existing integrations with third-party QR code providers, as well as Electrum’s QR code generation platform, means this solution generates and manages interoperable QR codes. These codes can be scanned by a variety of apps, and the resulting payment transaction can easily be processed between all relevant entities. Whether you are a retailer, issuer, or acquiring bank, Electrum Payments makes accepting payments via interoperable dynamic and static QR codes possible.

Dual purpose

One QR code for both payment and customer identification.


Simple and easy payment experiences.

Phone agnostic

Works with any smartphone device, with option to include USSD for feature phones.


Built on EMVCo Standards for interoperability.

Multiple payment types

Banking app can present a bouquet of payment services.

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Benefits for banks

Attracting new merchants through competitive pricing is tough. QR code payment acceptance can help to differentiate your acquiring portfolio. The opportunities presented by QR code functionality puts you ahead of your competition, and at the same time drives adoption of your banking app.

Improve merchant loyalty

With QR code payment acceptance, you offer merchants more ways to collect payments. They will stand out from competitors, helping you to attract new merchants.

New revenue streams

Offering more ways to collect payments means more sales for your merchants.

Increased app adoption

Support your bank-wide digital strategy by including QR code payment support within your banking app.

Reduce interchange fees

Support either on-us or not-on-us payment types to leverage the best interchange fees.

QR code providers

Payment service providers

Including support for SnapScan and Zapper.

Proven Reliability

Over 1 million interoperable QR Codes managed annually

Benefits for retailers

Traditional, open-loop payment options are no longer enough as consumers expect choice, convenience, and safe ways to pay. Add closed-loop payment types, such as wallets, prepaid cards, vouchers, and more.

Improve loyalty

Give your customers seamless payment experiences.

Accept more payment types

Offer customers more payment options at your till points.

Reduce interchange fees

Closed-loop payment options can result in lower interchange fees and a lower burden of compliance.

Future Proofing

Keep up with the latest payment trends

Built with the agility to support new and emerging transaction types, specifically when it comes to handling high-volume, low-value transactions. Don't let your legacy system hold you back!

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