Payments Platform Features

Reliable. Secure. Simple.

Electrum Payments is built to support high-volume, low-value transactions, ensuring maximum uptime and reliability. This cloud-based, agile solution provides secure integrations to all partners and to your legacy systems. Let Electrum’s payments solution simplify transaction processing for your business.

Open systems

Electrum is built in Java and runs on several commonly used database management systems.

Reduce IT risk

Customers can access our extensive documentation library to achieve organisation risk management goals, standards and certifications, such as ITIL COBIT PCI-DSS and ISO 27001.

Proven reliability

Redundant software architecture provides extremely reliable service without arcane monolithic hardware technology.


Encapsulates complex business orchestration logic in reusable components.

Easy-to-use APIs

Electrum publishes RESTful APIs for rapid development, testing and integrations.

Cloud-first design

Electrum technology is built cloud-first to maximise the benefits of cloud computing environments.

Continuous delivery

Automated independent service deployments allow for continuous delivery solution.

Industry standard

Electrum supports banking industry standards as well as those of new emerging technologies.


Manage the full transaction lifecycle

Get more from your Payments offering by expanding your Digital Goods and Services portfolio. Easily manage transactions from end to end with the additional overlay toolset for BackOffice processes, transaction visibility, and risk mitigation - or choose to seamlessly integrate with any of your existing systems.

Digital Goods and Services Platform