Digital Wallet Payments

Convenience for your customers

Electrum Payments offers a simple solution for adding digital wallets to your payments portfolio. Banks and retailers can easily integrate with these closed-loop stores of value. Allow consumers to fund wallets from their bank accounts, or to use their wallets to make payments – giving your customers more payment options and growing your partner network.

Add-on services include

Fraud and risk management services

Pre-built integrations into core banking systems

Interoperable QR payments

Back Office tooling

Customer support interfaces


A service your customers can trust

Seamless integration

Expand customer choice with easy integrations into closed-loop wallets.

Boost your portfolio

Partner with retailers and merchants for enhanced loyalty earn and spend capabilities.

Grow store of value

Enable pay-outs into bank accounts from partner wallets and grow alternative stores of value.

Drive digital adoption

Increase customer engagement through an improved digital experience.

Future Proofing

Keep up with the latest payment trends

Built with the agility to support new and emerging transaction types, specifically when it comes to handling high-volume, low-value transactions. Don't let your legacy system hold you back!

Use Cases

Digital Wallets offer endless opportunities to innovate and delight your customers

Loyalty wallets

Allow customers to earn and spend loyalty points.

Convenient vouchering

Provide children with vouchers to spend at school tuckshops and functions.

Split bill payments

Allow your customers to easily split bills at bars and restaurants.

Parking vouchers

Efficiently load vouchers to pay for mall parking.


User-centric features to offer consumers more

Customer wallet queries

Query a customer’s wallet options (e.g., see accounts that are available).

Flexible wallet access

Access a wallet using a variety of payment methods, including account number, PAN, token, reward ID, proxy, or QR code.

Wide wallet support

Integrate with multiple wallet providers and allow customers to select which wallet to use.

Wallet security

Ensure transaction security by making use of the platform’s cryptographic functionality including PIN translation and key exchange.

Available integrations

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