Clearing House Payments

Modernise your Payments infrastructure

Electrum Payments provides a fully cloud-based SaaS solution to your NPS modernisation needs with support for both real-time and batch processing streams. Our easy-to-implement Regulated Payments API allows seamless integration of Electrum's solution, allowing you to quickly add new services.

Real-Time Clearing (RTC)

Process instant account-to-account payments.

Account Verification Services (AVS)

Verify customer banking details at other banks.

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

Process customer debit and credit payments between banks.

Authenticated Collections (AC)

Authorise and manage customer mandates and process mandate-based debit payments.


Access to NPS-Regulated transaction processing

Electrum’s integration with BankservAfrica provides access to all NPS-Regulated transaction processing.

Partnerships that Matter

3 of SA’s major banks partner with Electrum


Powerful payment processing

These payment streams and their corresponding scheme-specific processing capabilities are built on Electrum’s Payments platform which provides robust payment initiation, payment execution (scheme-specific clearing and industry gateway integration), reconciliation, and reporting capabilities. Additionally, the solution offers a set of modular overlay services which enhance the core processing functionality.

These services include:

Customer account information mirroring and validation

Transaction channel and product rule management

Transactional risk management

Channel reconciliation and settlement

Payments Platform

Reliable expansion of your Payments infrastructure

Safely integrate

Improve customer experience and reduce operational overheads for existing payment schemes by safely migrating to a modern infrastructure that integrates cleanly with existing systems.

Streamline your payments

Simplify your operating environment by using a SaaS platform for all your NPS payment initiation and execution needs.

Connect to partners

Create a platform to enable and easily onboard Third Party Payment Providers (TPPPs) and Fintechs.

Future Proofing

Keep up with the latest payment trends

Built with the agility to support new and emerging transaction types, specifically when it comes to handling high-volume, low-value transactions. Don't let your legacy system hold you back!

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