Business Partner Payments

The next generation of payments for your business partners

Join the new wave of banks providing modernised payments to their business partners. Electrum’s Business Partner Payments solution enables you to provide ACH Payment processing to business customers such as merchants, corporates, and TPPPs. Electrum’s partner onboarding programme allows your customers to seamlessly tap into modern payment systems such as PayShap.

Trusted by South Africa’s Leading Banks

Electrum’s proven ability to onboard partners onto Bank Payment Services within 4 - 6 weeks will help you achieve speed to market.


Offer your business partners more with a modernised solution

Fully automated reconciliation process

Streamline reconciliation process and reporting and decrease human error, with the ability to pull partner-specific reports.

Robust and scalable ACH payments solution

Electrum’s single integration point for multiple ACH payment streams allows business partners to add channels and services without impacting existing services.

Rapid time to market

Meet customer needs faster with Electrum’s defined, tested, and proven onboarding programme.


Established and tested integrations

Electrum’s established and tested partnership with BankservAfrica provides access to all ACH payments. This proven platform offers reliable processing of a range of payments though a single integration point.

2023 Modernised Payments in South Africa Report

Download Electrum’s latest research unpacking modernised payments in South Africa and the industry’s journey to meeting the goals of Vision 2025.

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