Digital Goods and Services


Offer customers more options with Vouchers

Offer vouchers as a form of payment for your customers and enable access to the most popular international content, gift cards and local offers - streaming, entertainment, gaming, food and clothing. Seamlessly build onto your VAS portfolio with Electrum's Voucher solution to connect to the largest service providers and give unbanked consumers access to a variety of digital goods and services.

Trusted by South Africa’s Leading Banks, Retailers, and MNOs

Giving millions of unbanked South Africans access to online services.


Build a competitive Digital Marketplace

Offer customers more choice

Connect to multiple service providers and give customers a wider range of options when purchasing vouchers.

Take your solution to market fast

Pre-built integrations allows you to launch your product offering quickly and easily.

Provide a reliable service

A robust platform will offer an always-on service to ensure customers can purchase when they want to.


Expand. Connect. Manage.

Offer the best customer experience with Electrum’s multiple provider model. Control your commercials and easily connect to multiple service providers and aggregators - letting preferential routing, smart orchestration, and automatic failover functionality put your digital marketplace ahead of the competition.

Accept a wider consumer purchasing choice with support for multiple channels through Electrum’s Payments Platform, and leverage the additional overlay toolset for BackOffice processes, transaction visibility, and risk mitigation - or choose to seamlessly integrate with any of your existing systems.

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