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Building a competitive Digital Goods and Services portfolio requires systems that can handle high-volume, low-value transactions - with maximum uptime. Delivered as software-as-a-service, the cloud-based Platform includes secure integrations to most providers and aggregators, providing the agility needed to simplify connectivity and get to market quickly.

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Agility with powerful functionality

Monitoring tools which are both powerful and easy to use. Ensure that your systems are running smoothly and that no outages occur.

Open-source and easy-to-use APIs

Publicly available RESTful APIs help with rapid development, testing and integrations.

Preferential routing

Get the best possible technical reliability with load-balancing and automated failover functionality.

Multi-channel catalogue management

Manage each of the VAS services you offer on a per-channel basis.

Reconciliation and settlement

Effective management of your transaction lifecycle.

Intuitive dashboard

Real-time views on the state of services, transaction volumes, and third-party connections.

Flexible alerts

Configurable system alerts that preemptively highlight potential transaction processing issues with third parties.

Powerful troubleshooting

Simple transaction troubleshooting with transaction lookups.

Supported messaging formats

Built with most messaging formats in mind including ISO 8583 variants, ISO 20022, RESTful JSON and SOAP XML.

Monitoring, troubleshooting, and alerting

Get real-time views into transaction volumes and the state of services and provider connections.

Open systems, high performance

Built-in Java running on several commonly used database management systems.

Proven reliability

Redundant software architecture provides extremely reliable service without the need for arcane monolithic hardware technology.

Cloud-first design

Take advantage of cloud technology in private, hybrid or open cloud deployments.


Manage the full transaction lifecycle

Allow your customers to pay for digital products and services with the Electrum Payments Platform. Get the additional overlay toolset for BackOffice processes, transaction visibility, and risk mitigation - or choose to seamlessly integrate with any of your existing systems.

Multi-provider Model

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